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The Medina Family


We lost our son 5 years ago and have been wandering since trying to cope with the pain and still live the day. Five years later we realize that we aren't the only ones out there. We're not alone. So we've banded together with others to create this group to help each other through. We're hoping to reach those that need a common ground to stand on and someone who they can talk to in order to lift themselves out of the darkness and reach the goals that our angels wanted us to reach. As adults even we have a hard time but the worse part is watching your children lose each other as well. They don't know where to go from there and honestly with the situation usually you aren't much help to guide them as you don't know where you're supposed to go. The goal here is to not only provide scholarships for children, but our Junior Committee will hold monthly meetings for support for each other and plan common goals for this corporation to go to. Planning events for fundraising, making items of comfort as teddy bears or blankets and such to give out to those in our community, and also create a place to just be with others who understand. Hopefully they will be able to speak with each other openly and be able to support each other mentally in order to find direction and meaning to the loss of their family member. 

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About Us

The Ard Family

The Ard Family

Susan was blessed with three beautiful boys, the youngest who passed away on October 2, 2006. He was a senior at Tarkington High School, enjoyed going to Church and playing Football and Basketball. He was a loving a son with a great sense of humor of which his family misses daily. Until they meet again they strive to bring the community together and help others in his name. RIP Kayleb Dale Ard 8/10/1988-10/2/2006

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Our Junior Committee

Our Junior Committee is made up of children 17 & below that have lost an immediate family member.  They meet once a month at a location of their choosing to discuss future plans about fundraising & reaching others that may need a friend when dealing with such a tragic event.

Our Goals

Providing comfort to those in loss & hopefully ease the pain for even a moment. We are trying to redirect the pain into goodness from our angels by providing scholarships for those children who have lost & items of comfort to those who are new to the feeling of loss.