Meet Our Junior Committee

Ashton Medina

Ashton Medina

Ashton Medina is 14 years old. He lost his brother at the age of 8. He now lives with an angel watching over him daily. Losing his brother has changed his entire view on the world and learning to deal with it at that age has matured him at a faster rate than most. He lives his life being kind to others and always trying to help regardless of the situation as he understands what most kids do not.

Amarissa Alvarez

Amarissa and Jaxon

Amarissa lost her brother Jaxon when she was just 6 years old. The excitement of a young girl getting to take care of a real baby was lost as soon as she got the chance. It has inspired her to become a NICU doctor and try to save all of the babies that she can. Through him she will climb the highest mountains & one day save the lives of many.

Katie Inboden


Katie lost her dad in 2016 at the age of 11, just when a girl needs her dad the most. She was Daddy's Girl or "Zekadus" as he called her and had to learn how to go without him entirely to early. Thankfully she has her two older brothers as perfect stand in's as he taught them to take care of her in his absence. She now pushes herself to the furthest in his honor making straight A's in school and is very active in all sports. There isn't a goal that she will not reach and exceed in his honor.

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